The discovery of the miniature moon, known as 2020 CD3, was announced in February, to the delight of people around the world, including those … Astronomers first spotted the object, a car-size asteroid called 2020 CD3, on 15th February at Mount Lemmon Observatory, Arizona. The new "mini-moon" is an asteroid called 2020 CD3. Astronomers have observed 2020 CD3 only about six or seven times so far, so they don't have enough information yet to derive a "light curve," which shows the variation in an object's brightness.
2020 CD 3 とは、直径約1.9 mから3.5 mと推測される微小な地球近傍小惑星の1つである。 この小惑星は発見された2020年2月時点において、 地球 の周囲を自然 衛星 として周回し、一時的な「第2の月」と …
A rock the size of a car is an easy steal for Earth’s gravitational forces. #asteroid_2020_CD3.

Earth has acquired a brand new moon that's about the size of a car asteroid 2020 CD3 Two astronomers from … Earth has a tiny new companion in its journey around the sun — at least for now. The so-called “mini-moon,” which is roughly 6-11 feet in diameter and about the size of a car, has been named 2020 CD3. Earth's second moon, a "mini-moon" dubbed 2020 CD3, is about the size of a small car and may have been trapped in our planet's orbit for years.