“I’ve dealt with brats like you before. So minor change there, I figured it was early enough that it wouldn't make a big deal. Sooo I started this shortly after the illustrious s3 trailer dropped for Chameleon because we were having a nice chat in my Marinette discord and a few people were like "I need a fic where Marinette runs away," and thus this concept was born. Because it’s so much better than all the other tables or because you just like to throw your weight around?” Gabrielle’s jaw clenched in response, so Marinette stood up and crossed her arms over her chest. White-Jacketed-Fool 312 30 Marinette Popsicle YCH - Azure-Wind blushingbats 267 8 [Donation comm] Dressup blushingbats 204 11 [YCH] Marinette with Floatie - Azure-Wind blushingbats 225 6 PD: Mounds of Marinette Cookies-Cat 3,437 191 SSBBW Marinette NoahTigerDragon 54 2 Ladybug Floating Crossovercomicmark2 56 1 Ladybug Blueberry Crossovercomicmark2 51 3 Roly Poly Ladybug Crossovercomicmark2 53 144 Marinette … Pressure comes from every direction with little support, even from their parents. Series. You're pulling me back in Professor, you evil, evil woman! Damn it, I put a break on writing more Ladybug fanfics to focus on my commissions. Okay, so I changed the title of this one from Forget Me Now to Marinette Dupain-Cheng's Spite Playlist because all of the chapter titles are going to be songs from my own personal spite playlist, so by the end of it you'll have a bunch of songs that inspired this fic. It's time for Tikki and Plagg to step up and take care of their kids. In all seriousness, this has to be one of my favorite things you've done, it's really well done With every passing day, the weight on Marinette's and Adrien's shoulders gets heavier.