He gradually weakens the longer is in there. Followers. Wiki Points. I seen it and nothing proves he's beating even an unstable Sentry. Follow 12121. No Bfr!SupermanAquaman VSSentryNamor To Death! tkitna. Forum Posts . Namor freshly out of the water during a thunderstorm vs The Sentry Location: Near beach 0. 56760. Sentry certainly has a dark side to his personality, which has often stood in the way of his public image. Reviews: 0. Sentry & Ultimate Namor vs Superman & Green Lantern YoungGunna. If Sentry brings his A game, Namor … Forum Posts. Sentry is superior to Namor in every way no matter where they fight. No Prep Battle on Small Island No Morals John Stewart Green Lantern Earth-1610 Ultimate WHO WINS Sentry was dealing with Thor much more smoothly than Namor. Sentry would lose if they fought in the negative zone. Namor vs. Sentry (READ OP) CitizenSentry. Wiki Points ... not sure Namor can win this. The Sentry wants to show you The Sentry’s fights against bosses Invisible Woman and Namor! #thesentry #namor #invisiblewoman #marvelcontestofchampions. While personality may not seem like a key factor here, Superman’s “can-do” attitude and positive outlook certainly gives him an edge over Sentry’s darker, self-doubting personality. Follow 2680. User Lists: 4 #1 Edited By YoungGunna. Sentry desrtoys Namor physically, but Namor would desrtoys Sentry's confidence in himself.

That seem like Gladiator weakness lolz Anyways, Namor is strong, but Sentry was way stronger in there last clash, and he left due to Void reappearance. God tier! Sentry is stable and TOAA removes his immortality, so now he CAN die.Bloodlusted! 70. His time with the Dark Avengers certainly didn’t help either.