When traveling to a dig site, it’s not unusual for petroleum engineers to spend 84 hours on duty and then be off duty for another 84 hours, the BLS reported. Years ago, when I first got into HR I was told, "Whatever behavior you see in someone's first 90 days on the job, multiply it by 10 and that's what the employee will be like in a year." Someone getting fired for not being a good fit is generally regarded as the last ditch effort to address the problem. The global case tally for the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 passed 5 million on Thursday after the biggest one-day increase since the start of … No one wants to have a high level of turnover, especially the person that was just hired who will now have to find a new job after landing one. While working for a full three and a half days might sound like a crazy schedule, the job has its perks, especially for adventure-seekers.