Based on 14 hours of audio interviews recorded in 1971—heard here for the first time—Tintin and I shows that Hergé, while trying in life to live up to the idealized Tintin, ended A high-profiled documentary about Hergé and his major cartoon success, Tintin, based in part on previously unreleased archive tape footage. The Adventures of Tintin (French: Les Aventures de Tintin [lez‿avɑ̃tyʁ də tɛ̃tɛ̃]) is a series of 24 bande dessinée albums created by Belgian cartoonist Georges Remi, who wrote under the pen name Hergé.The series was one of the most popular European comics of the 20th century.

Herge’s real name was Georges Prosper Remi.. His favorite Tintin adventure was Tintin in Tibet.. In the Land of the Soviets is the first Tintin adventure, one that I'd recommend to any fans of Tintin. Tintin and I --I, Tintin. Tintin and the Picaros (French: Tintin et les Picaros) is the twenty-third volume of The Adventures of Tintin, the comics series by Belgian cartoonist Hergé.The final instalment in the series to be completed by Hergé, in Belgium it was serialized in Tintin magazine from September 1975 to April 1976 before being published in a collected volume by Casterman in 1976. Abstract: Explores the world of Tintin creator Hergé and his experiences and mental state leading up to the writing of Tintin in Tibet, often heralded as his most personal work. Finished in 1976, Tintin and the Picaros was Herge's final completed Tintin adventure, and interestingly, he used it to return to a scene from 40 years earlier: The South American republic of San Theodoros, where Tintin met General Alcazar in The Broken Ear.Alcazar is again facing trouble from his rival, General Tapioca, and numerous other characters from the past weave themselves into the story. Yesterday was his birthday.

StoryLeft unfinished when he died in 1983, Hergé's last episode, Tintin and Alpha-Art (published in 1986), was to describe the occult world of sects. He also created two more well-known comic book series - The Adventures of Jo, Zette and Jocko, and Quick & Flupke. Post # 078 Happy birthday, Herge :-) (22nd May, 1907 to 3rd March, 1983) Did you know? Tintin and I (French: Tintin et moi, also known as Tintin and Me) is a 2003 documentary by Anders Høgsbro Østergaard, about Belgian writer-artist Georges Remi, better known as Hergé, and his creation Tintin.The film is a co-production of Denmark, Belgium, France, and Switzerland. tintin comics collection. It was also going to send Tintin wandering into a milieu that Hergé loved, that is the world of modern art and avant-garde. EMBED (for hosted blogs and item tags) Other Titles: I, Tintin. Tintin and I, it was the treacherous and uncertain world around Tintin into which Hergé poured the reality of his own life. Site officiel : Les collections Tintin, Les Aventures de Tintin, Les personnages, Les nouvelles de Tintin, des jeux, des vidéos, des dessins animés Tintin, l'univers d'Hergé, la boutique Tintin.