Earthquake Live Map. View the latest earthquakes on the interactive map above, displaying the magnitude, location, depth and the event time. Longitude Latitude . Revised Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Map of Turkey and Its Implications in Seismic Design Sinan Akkar Boğaziçi University . 34684 Çengelköy İstanbul.

Mapa de últimos terremotos incluso boletines, noticias y enlaces. Help Earthquake Headlines Last 30 Days Earthquakes Special Quakes Plate Tectonics Education Links. Turkey: Seismic hazard distribution map. Thus, the increase is a degree of magnitude of the 32-fold increase in the released seismic energy. 26-27 Februray 2015 – Ankara, Turkey For very large screens check out the Earthquake Channel Display. Latest earthquakes in Turkey: interactive map & list / VolcanoDiscovery. This is a revised earthquake hazard map of the Republic of Turkey.

New Generation Seismic Codes and New Technologies in Earthquake Engineering . Kandilli Observatory and Earthquake Research Institute. THREE GENERATIONS OF SEISMIC HAZARD MAPPING IN TURKEY Earliest maps based on observed damage, updated as earthquakes occurred (1945, 1947, 1963, 1972) The latest earthquakes on a map with news, lists, and links. Desert, Salt & … ... Seismic hazard (PGA,m/s 2) (Modified from Giardini et al.