They were worn one time. 71 Reviews of Nike Air Safari SE Among the top 7% best sneakers From €48 Great variety of shops Best price | Buy today from Thanks for looking They were purchased online at Footlocker. NIKE AIR SAFARI SE - $15.00. Men's Nike Air Safari SE sizes are available from 6 to 15. NIKE AIR SAFARI SE MONARCH / YELLOW OCHREについて NIKE(ナイキ)から2003年のatmos(アトモス)コラボモデルからインスピレーションを受けた「AIR SAFARI(エアサファリ)」が6月29日に発売予定! It is reported to fit true to size. NIKE ナイキ・・・1968年アメリカ・オレゴン州に本社を置く、世界的企業ナイキ。地球で100万人の人々がnikeで働いていると言われています。社名の由来は、社員の一人ジェフ・ジョ ンソンが夢で見た、ギリシャ神話の勝利の女神「ニーケー (Nike)」から。 You are looking at a pair of Nike Air Safari SE sneakers.

It is reported to fit true to size.

For the ladies, to get the correct size of women's Air Safari SE shoes from Nike , you need to go down 1.5 sizes from your normal shoe size.

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