Looks like a good day for Alpha Protocol fans as it seems the game is being teased for a Remaster. I'm still a huge fan of the criminally underrated gem. In any case, paint me interested. Obsidian has made a lot of great RPG games in the past and they are responsible for Alpha Protocol as well, which released in 2010. It’s a wonderful mess, full of great ideas, but hampered by the sort of behind-the-scenes development troubles that plagued the studio for so much of its life. Wonder how much someone would be willing to put into such a project. If Alpha Protocol were to be remade I think it’ll need quite an overhaul.

I kind of want someone to mix Alpha Protocol, Invisible Inc., HBS Shadowrun, and Phantom Doctrine in a blender, give it a serious Cold War vibe, and let me do actual spying and infiltration that doesn't revolve around killing or incapacitating dozens of people.

Things were a bit rough even at the time. Douglas Bogart from Limited Run Games recently asked on Twitter whether players would want to see a remaster of Alpha Protocol on the current-gen consoles. Alpha Protocol removed from Steam: Sega’s got the reason why. Alpha Protocol is peak Obsidian—or, at least, peak Obsidian before Pillars of Eternity set a new, more stable direction for the studio.
What I do know is that, should a remaster of Alpha Protocol be released, I'll be the first in line.

For PC players it’s going to need to be a total remake rather than a simple remaster. For Xbox One on the Xbox One, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Alpha Protocol Remaster teased by Obsidian and Limited Run Games".

Alpha Protocol has been removed from Steam, but the reason sadly isn't the idea of a remaster that was hinted at least year.

... but for now head down to the comments section and let us know if you’d pick up an Alpha Protocol remaster someday. A remaster of Alpha Protocol could use more than just uptuned graphics though.