Yang’s take on antitrust exhibits a lot of the confusion swirling around antitrust and Big Tech. Topline: Facebook and Google now face four separate antitrust investigations in a bipartisan effort to probe whether Big Tech should be broken up, which includes a … Antitrust Can’t Catch Big Tech Facebook, Google and the rest will change their ways before the feds can make a case. It’s worth unpacking. Many critics have called for a revival of stricter antitrust enforcement, more assertive antitrust authorities, and a general rebalancing of economic power. There’s more to antitrust than just breaking companies up. The rise of global technology superstars like Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google created new challenges for the competition watchdogs who enforce antitrust laws … Now a backlash over Big Tech’s power has regulators and scholars trying to … Seven of the ten largest companies globally are technology giants, and in many jurisdictions, scholars, lawmakers, and the public at large have articulated concerns that Big Tech has become too big. ... What China’s New National-Security Laws Mean for Hong Kong. For decades, antitrust regulation has focused on the welfare of the consumer.