We also provide food and shelter for local wildlife like birds, insects, amphibians and more. and I’ve been doing some basic spells. baby green witch baby witch baby witch tips green witch green witch tips beginner witch witchcraft witchcore goblincore. Hey! Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up. share.

It’s OK to be interested in everything, there’s no need to instantly find a label. Are you a Green Witch?” Some reading this article might nod their head knowingly. Chat. Hi there! Baby Green Witch Spells?

Baby Green Witch Spells? Question. Text. Gardnerian Witch-a follower of ; Gardnerian Wicca stared by Gerald Gardner in the 1950's. I’ve done some candle work/ meditation and I think my biggest interest is green magick. Does anyone have any tips or know how to propagate Pothos plants?

Reblog. The garden is a magical place, pulsing with pure earth energy, a liminal place between earth and sky.

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My final piece of advice is to not feel forced into choosing a “type” of witch. A Green Witch might also take an active role in fighting for various ecological causes. Any advice is welcome :) 1 comment.
Baby Green witch looking for help. liminalgardener . best. 1. All posts . baby green witch < > Most recent. Filter by post type. Pothos Propagation .

Audio. Ask. Question. Question. Just don’t feel any pressure, because witchcraft is all about your personal journey.

Grid View List View. Quote. I have ~100 plants in my house and I feel really called to that path. Video.

I have two big healthy long bois that I want to propagate from, but I can’t find any good sources about how to propagate them. I live in New England and was wondering what herbs/ plants I should be able to forage at this time of year. Herbal Witches-a type of Green Witch that uses mostly herbs and other types of plants in their practices. The Garden Witch’s Magical Herb Garden Most popular Most recent.

So I have a few questions, here they are: 1)Do you make your own spells, if so how.

Link. I’m fairly new to my craft (6 months?) 81% Upvoted.

When we tend to our garden, we tend to our souls. 18 notes. level 1.

2)Is there anything dangerous that I might cause, like upsetting nature and such. Likewise, if you know you want to be a green witch it’s alright to focus on herbs and such. save hide report.

My humble herb and butterfly garden circa 2017. Baby green witch- questions. Close • Posted by 5 minutes ago.

nature is sacred, pass it on.
3)Anything extra like having a wand (some people I know use wands) or using herbs. I hope we can become great friends*♡

Floral Witch-a type of Green Witch that uses mostly flowers and floral materials in their practices.


Sort by. I want to build my collection of herbs and plants but have no clue where to start!