Points are too limited and these builds are highly specialized (especially melee, which requires specific gear). Endless melee bonuses and Many Must Fall (TIER 6) make staying cloaked and killing many, many enemies easy.

The math behind Melee Zer0

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Firstly, Killing Blow. Aug 6, 2013 @ 7:01pm UVHM Melee Zer0 Just got Rapier and Love Thumper, made a Bloodshed build and Melee sucked, I know It "Can" be awesome, need some tips / advice on what to spec Into, prefer text and not video, thanks.

The increased movement speed helps closing distances for chaining MMF and aids with the positioning for backstabs.

Skill distribution is also important

Zer0 melee builds are a viable method for OP8 but you need a good roid shield and a rapier, grog or rubi (latter 2 with blade attachments).

It is perfectly viable to level as a pure melee, but definitely not as efficient. Furthermore, and this is purely my opinion, melee is not worth playing before lvl 31 (the fastest that you can unlock many must fall in the melee tree). It serves to show how Zer0's melee formula works, and how the cycle of gameplay works with his melee build. Essentially, the melee formula points out the four main items for damage with Zer0 and melee. Today, Im going to show you why Melee Zer0 is viable!

Zer0 is a class in Borderlands 2 that can be played various ways, the most popular being Sniper and Melee. Build 2: Slice and Dice.

This is a Pyro Pete run with Melee Zer0, pre-DM patch.

Werruraz. It grants you more gun damage, more melee damage, and more movement speed after killing an enemy. Fast and deadly, this build includes skills such as Execute (TIER 3), making Zero a much more exciting melee character compared to Borderland 1’s Berserker.

At higher levels it really synergyze well with Many Must Fall and Innervate.
Followthrough is a key skill in almost every Zero build.

Build 2: Slice and Dice.