The place is Camp Jened, a “summer camp for the handicapped run by hippies,” as Crip Camp co-director (and former Jened camper) James Lebrecht explains early in the film. As soon as she appears on screen, she steals the show. Here's why the camp, located at … Crip Camp: A Disability Revolution 2020 R 1h 48m Documentaries A groundbreaking summer camp galvanizes a group of teens with disabilities to help build a movement, forging a … The documentary, which premiered at Sundance 2020, first made a mark on public consciousness when we heard that Barack and Michelle Obama were producing it through their collaboration with Netflix. 3.4K likes. Crip Camp. The film features Larry Allison, Judith Heumann, James LeBrecht, Denise Sherer Jacobson, and Stephen Hofmann.The film was released under the banner of Barack and Michelle Obama's Higher Ground Productions. Netflix’s latest documentary, Crip Camp: A Disability Revolution, is the feel-good entertainment we need during this self-isolation period. Campers clown around at Camp Jened in an archival photo seen in “Crip Camp.” Netflix This is the dawn of a nationwide movement fueled by the passion and rebellious spirit of a young generation. Netflix documentary 'Crip Camp,' executive produced by Michelle and Barack Obama, tells the story of Camp Jened, and the role it played in disability rights. In Crip Camp, we meet 23-year-old Heumann, who is a badass drop-dead gorgeous disabled counselor. Netflix's new documentary 'Crip Camp: A Disability Revolution' director and former camper Jim LeBrecht reveals all about Camp Jened. Down the road from Woodstock, a revolution blossomed at a ramshackle summer camp for teenagers with disabilities, transforming their lives and igniting a landmark movement. Crip Camp follows some of the teenagers who went to Jened in the early 1970s into their subsequent years, and is narrated in part by Jim. Now streaming on @netflix. With Larry Allison, Dennis Billups, HolLynn D'Lil, Judith Heumann. Directed by James Lebrecht, Nicole Newnham. Another Jened alum, who later became a camp counselor and features prominently was Judy Heumann. A Netflix original documentary film, Produced by Higher Ground Productions. Crip Camp: A Disability Revolution.

Crip Camp: A Disability Revolution is a 2020 American documentary film, directed by Nicole Newnham and James LeBrecht. The camp was partially funded and supported by the parent led Jened Foundation. Directed and Produced by Nicole Newnham and Jim Libbrecht (a former Jened camper), “Crip Camp” shows incredible footage taken at the camp in 1971 where campers are seen letting loose and being themselves. Camp Jened, the subject of this documentary, is a … Crip Camp focuses on Camp Jened, a summer camp for … She would go on to become a major figure in the fight for disability rights, back in the days of the Carter administration. "Crip Camp" on Netflix is a documentary that explores Camp Jened, a summer camp for children with disabilities that existed in the 1950s and '60s.