Launched 14 Oct 1999. Cartosat-1 satellite is the first Indian Remote Sensing Satellite capable of providing in-orbit stereo images. FORMOSAT-1. CartoSat 1 is an Indian (ISRO) mapping and remote-sensing satellite that was launched by a PSLV C6 rocket from Sriharikota on the southeastern coast of India, at 04:44 UT on 5 May 2005. Launched 2 Apr 1999. Credit: ISRO. It has a panchromatic resolution of 0.25 metres making it the imaging satellite with highest resolution in the world and Mx of 1 metre with a high quality resolution which is a major improvement from the previous payloads in the Cartosat series. Launched 21 Dec 1999. An improved Cartosat 2A was launched in 2008. Cartosat-3 earth observation satellite has a lifespan of five years. NASA - USA. PSLV-C40 mission ready to launch Cartosat-2 on January 12. Cartosat-3 is an advanced Indian Earth Observation satellite built and developed by ISRO, which will replace the IRS series. CartoSat-3 Full name: CartoSat-3 Satellite Description: 8th flight unit of the CartoSat programme.Main mission: land observation. OceanSat-1… Cartosat 2B followed in 2010. 1999: CBERS-1. Launch Mass 1,625kg. … The satellite has an imaging payload with a ground resolution of 0.25 m with 16 km swath in panchromatic mode, a resolution of 1.13 m with 16 km swath in 4 band multispectral mode and a resolution of 12 m with 5 km in hyperspectral mode.

KOMPSAT-1. Cartosat-2 suffered from some problems after launch. (Scheduled) launch date. Beginning with Cartosat 2C, a Multi-spectral camera was added and a lower 505 km orbit for better ground reslution was introduced. With January 2007’s launch of Cartosat-2, the imaging resolution was increased to one meter (3.3 feet). Cartosat-3 is ISRO's "third generation agile … Launch Vehicle PSLV-C47. Service Life Five years. KARI - Korea. As ISRO gets ready to launch the much-talked about Chandrayaan 2 in April this year, it is already geared up to launch three satellites — GSAT 6, IRNSS 1-I and GSAT11 — in March. Fengyun-1C/1D. Launched 24 Sep 1999. Mass at launch: Dry mass: Power: Data access link: no link provided Data access information: Direct reception at appointed ground stations in X-band. CartoSat-1 | 1st flight unit of the CartoSat programme, originally named IRS-P5. With January 2007’s launch of Cartosat-2, the imaging resolution was increased to one meter (3.3 feet).

Main mission: land observation. Cameras of this satellite have a resolution of 2.5m. Cartosat 2C was launched in June 2016. Launched 10 May 1999. CARTOSAT-1. ISRO - India. Expand. The launch is scheduled at 09:28 AM (Morning) on November 27, 2019, rest date and time are subject to weather conditions. Launched 15 Apr 1999. INPE - Brazil. Launch window: 1700-2100 GMT (1:00-5:00 p.m. EDT) Launch site: Cosmic Girl (Boeing 747), Mojave Air and Space Port, California Launch Date:05.05.2005 . Launch Date 27 November 2019. It also feaures a MWIR Camera with 5.7 m resolution. Cartosat 3 launch live: What happened to Chandrayaan-2. Launched 27 Jan 1999. The 1.56 tonne satellite carries two f/4.5, Panchromatic cameras, one 26 degrees ahead of the nadir, and another at 5 degrees behind the nadir. CartoSat-1 | 1st flight unit of the CartoSat programme, originally named IRS-P5. IKONOS. INSAT-2E.

NSPO - Taiwan. Cartosat 3 Satellite The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) Cartosat-3 will be launched in Sriharikota on November 27 morning at 9.28 minutes. Nellore: Isro scientists are preparing the ground work to assemble one more PSLV, the reliable workhorse of the space agency, to launch the high-precision Cartosat 3. Landsat 7. DigitalGlobe . The images are used for Cartographic applications meeting the global requirements. • With CartoSat-1 (launch May 5, 2005) the national requirements for high-resolution digital elevation information was met by using a dedicated same-orbit stereo imaging system, namely the two-line Pan camera, making use of an optics telescope with 0.5 m in aperture. NSMC - China. Cartosat-3 launch date announced. By: Tarun Bhardwaj | Updated: November 20, 2019 11:45:44 AM.

Cartosat 3 is designed as a follow-on to the Cartosat 2 series. Cartosat-3 is an advanced, third-generation earth observation satellite. Main mission: land observation. 07:49 (IST) 27 Nov 2019. This is CARTOSAT series' 8th launch after Cartosat-1, Cartosat-2, Cartosat-2A, Cartosat-2B, Cartosat-2C, Cartosat-2D and Cartosat-2E. While the Chandrayaan-2 … Cartosat-3 was launched on board PSLV-C47 rocket from Satish Dhawan Space Centre (SDSC) SHAR in November 2019. Credit: ISRO. However, later the launch date of Cartosat-3 was shifted to November 27.