That doesn't mean it isn't annoying every time I have to do it. On the other hand I think I've had maybe a single wisp ever get away from me, and that was ages ago. They’re small and annoying and they seem to be required for fucking everything on the Plains of Eidolon.

Cetus Wisp farming, quite frankly, sucks. I'm fully convinced that DE hates Cetus Wisps. There is no other reason for them to make them so impossible and inconsistent to find. As such, one might find themselves in need of quite a few of these pesky resources. They are used in Amp, Arcane, Zaw and a few cosmetic blueprints. But it would be really nice if I didn't have to do A lot. Most loot in the game is somewhat easy to farm, or at least is there to be found, and doesn’t play tricks on you or anything.

I hate the little floating fuckers.

I've watched videos, read guides, and just gone hunting, and I never get any really stable results. They have light blue energy surrounding them, but due to their small size, they can be tough to see.

I hate them. While I understand and do a lot of the tricks above to make wisp farming easier. From my testing in this route you get 1-3 Wisps per day and 3-7 Wisps per night and double that with boosters. Random spawns at random times of day in random parts of the map. See this little cunt?

This is a Cetus Wisp. Decay on Argon is annoying because once you've gotten it you need to use it soon. Cetus wisps have a reputation as being one of the worst resources to farm in the entire game, but with this guide we hope you’ll find the process much easier. Cetus Wisp farming (when done right) is also far more rewarding than Argon Crystal farming. Try to memorize the Wisp spawn locations so you can … Cetus wisps are commonly used in a few different blueprints in Cetus.

Cetus Wisps are tiny creatures that can be found on the Plains of Eidolon on Earth. But it would be really nice if I didn't have to do this . To loot the Wisps, simply walk over them.

I could have found up to 30 or so Cetus Wisps in this time (assuming 5 wisps per run).

Time of day also directly impacts the spawn rate of Cetus Wisps. It completely breaks gameplay. They will run from you in about 5 seconds if you don't loot them immediately, so don't wait around for too long.

A lot. I often will go into the void looking for two argon crystals, and it takes 20 minutes to find them. Its just boring! Cetus Wisps.

There is no combat, no cool minigame like fishing or mining at least have.

Discussion Cetus Wisps are just a more annoying Argon Crystal. It needs to be something you can just gather while you are already out on the plains doing bounties.