Christina Koch, who returned to Earth on Thursday from the International Space Station, might be another name you’ll come to remember. (Photo: Bill Ingalls/NASA) Koch set the record for the longest duration in space by a female astronaut, and also conducted the first all-female spacewalk in history. She spent a total of 328 days in space.

That six-person group won’t remain for very long, as Meir, Morgan, and Skripochka are set to return to Earth in April as well. NASA plans to provide coverage on its online channel for each major event this evening, so if you happen to be awake, you can watch Koch’s finale to a jam-packed time in space. The Soyuz will return NASA astronaut Christina Koch, station Commander Luca Parmitano of ESA (European Space Agency), and Soyuz commander Alexander Skvortsov of Roscosmos to Earth. Koch, 41, … U.S. astronaut Christina Koch, who led the first all-female spacewalk in 2019, was due to return to Earth on Thursday after a record stay aboard the International Space Station, capping a busy mission that could yield key insights into deep-space travel.

That broke the record for the longest continuous stay in space by a woman.

Koch left on her mission to the International Space Station on March 14, 2019 and lasted 328 consecutive days in Space. They came down safely in Kazakhstan.

Christina Koch, left, gives crewmate Jessica Meir a haircut aboard the International Space Station. NASA's Christina Koch returned to Earth safely on Thursday after shattering the spaceflight record for female astronauts with a stay of almost 11 months aboard the International Space Station. She and …

A capsule carrying a crew of three from the International Space Station returned to Earth Thursday. One of the three was Christina Koch of the United States.

NASA astronaut Christina Koch returns to Earth, seen here shortly after her landing earlier today in Kazakhstan. NASA Boeing's CST-100 Starliner is expected to fly later this year. Christina Koch is a NASA astronaut that has finally returned to earth on February 6th, 2020 after coming back from the longest single spaceflight by a woman. NASA astronaut Christina Koch is on her way back to Earth after setting the record for the longest continuous spaceflight by a woman and after completing the …