Never one to turn down more power, Handsome Jack digitizes the vault hunters and sends them into Claptrap’s mind. Level range in Normal Mode begins at level 30 and scales up to a maximum of 40. Handsome Jack’s found something ludicrously powerful within CL4P-TP’s mind. I have no interest in playing as Jack or what's-his-name's wife. Those 2 are only $22 as apposed to $32 for everything. I have no interest in starting a 2nd character to begin with. There are 19 missions in total. Claptastic Voyage Your Most Claptastic Of Voyages Begins! About Claptastic Voyage . All missions available in the Claptastic Voyage DLC for Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. The only DLCs I want are claptastic and the other level cap raise. Missions Enter the Claptrap, File Search, The Psychology of a Claptrap In True Vault Hunter Mode, the level range begins at level 40 up to a maximum of 50. In Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode, the level range scales with the highest level Vault Hunter from a minimum of 50.