Colin Baker. The authors have compiled a truly impressive amount of information pertaining to bilingualism and bilingual education in this single-volume, full-color encyclopedia. Introduction “If it were possible for a child to live in two languages at once equally well, so much the worse. Colin Baker, Professor of Education at Bangor University, came to talk to our group on 16th September 2006. Bilingualism and Cognition, Collin Baker 1. In many countries, children have had their mouths washed out with soap and have been beaten with canes simply for speaking in their native languages.
He is the author of research publications, books for parents and an encyclopedia, all on the subject of bilingualism, as well as the 5 previous editions of this textbook.

His intellectual and spiritual growth would not thereby be doubted, but halved. Unity of mind and character would have great difficulty in asserting itself in such circumstances” (Laurie, 1890:15) Chapter 7 Bilingualism and Cognition By: Ana Zulianingrum 2. Colin Baker is Emeritus Professor at Bangor University, UK. There are also a glossary, a bibliography containing more than 2,000 … Professor Colin Baker is Pro Vice Chancellor at Bangor University and holds a Personal Chair of the University of Wales. BILINGUAL EDUCATION AND BILINGUALISM Series Editors: Professor Nancy H. Hornberger, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA and Professor Colin Baker, University of Wales, Bangor, Wales, UK Other Books in the Series At War With Diversity: US Language Policy in an Age of Anxiety

According to Colin Baker, author of Foundations of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism, these include everything from “cerebral confusion” and “split personality” to spiritual deprivation. Although an academic, Colin Baker is clearly committed to practical aspects of how to make … He is the former co-editor of the Bilingual Education and Bilingualism books series for Multilingual Matters. He is the author of a wide range of books with Multilingual Matters, including a companion volume to this book entitled Bilingual Education: an Introductory Reader co … He is the author of a number of books including : A Parent and Teachers Guide to Bilingualism, Encyclopedia of Bilingualism and Bilingual Education and B is for Papillon, Biliteracy in the home. Attractively produced on high-quality paper, the book contains 117 main topics, 390 text boxes, 340 pictures, 35 maps, 98 graphs, and 14 diagrams.