One of the nation’s top community colleges.

Monroe County Community College is a two-year college in Monroe, Michigan that enriches lives in our community by providing opportunity through student-focused, affordable, quality higher education and other learning experiences. Think big. Choose from 100s of associate, certificate, transfer and job training programs. WCCCD and Taylor Library Literacy Partnership Press Release: WCCCD Signs Transfer Agreements with 25 Michigan Universities. Student Assistance Program. Wayne County Community College District offers former students debt relief. When only one nickname is listed, it is used for teams of both sexes. The Inkster Michigan Development Center . Top Michigan Community Colleges For the 2020 school year, there are 41 top community colleges located throughout Michigan (28 public colleges and 13 private colleges), serving 236,898 students. These are the best community colleges in Michigan for students who want to pursue an associate degree or certificate entirely online. The Michigan Community College Association fosters collaboration, connection, and partnerships among the 28 Michigan public community colleges and their stakeholders. In order to be eligible for the free community college, a student would have to graduate from a Michigan high school and live in Michigan for at least a year. Athletic team description (short school name and nickname), with a link to the school's athletic program article if it exists. The MCCA provides strong legislative and public advocacy in Lansing and throughout Michigan, works to improve the image and credibility of community colleges, and advances numerous shared initiatives through the Michigan … The main article is College sports . Founded in 1964, this public college is supported by tax monies from Monroe County, educational funds from the State of Michigan and student tuition. For Michigan community colleges, the average tuition is approximately $5,223 per year for in-state students and $7,110 for out-of-state students. Think Delta.