This has in part lead to even greater disappointment that Diablo Immortal is next in line, although Diablo 4 is undoubtedly still on the way. Two. Trailers. Unfortunately for Diablo Immortal, the clamour for a Diablo 4 announcement has been high, even though Blizzard dismissed the possibility of the sequel being announced at Blizzcon 2018. Needless to say the announcement at Blizzcon 2018 was harshly scrutinized and the fans did not hide their disappointment. The other big problem Diablo Immortal faced right at the start, with the announcement, is that typical Diablo players are PC players and they want a PC experience of the game. Diablo Immortal's reveal amounts to a pair of trailers: A cinematic look at the game's story/world and a gameplay-centric look at what Immortal actually is.