I made this last year , made a few changes this year to it. Posts: 545. Filter is stuffed with pillow batting from Walmart and some activated carbon.

Guns; Ammo; News and Resources; Fishing Hacks: How to Build a Cheap DIY Livewell. Posted by Chris Buckner. A livewell can come in handy when fishing in tournaments or just spending a day on the lake. Choose a container with manageable size and weight. June 6, 2018. Pinterest/Ed Vinneau.

You will need a container for the bait and water; this forms the basis of your bait tank.


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Grand rapids mn. DIY bait cooler.

Plastic is best because it is lightweight. A bait tank filled with water and fish can be quite heavy; water alone weighs 8 pounds per gallon. Pump is like four watts mostly 1/2 inch cpvc and a piece of two inch pvc with some fittings from home Cheapo for the filter. White plastic is preferred because it helps reflect heat away from the tank. Participant.