SpaceX unveils sleek, reusable Dragon crew capsule. Friday, Jun 2, 2017. Reuse of Dragon Capsules (self.spacex) submitted 4 years ago by ruaridh42 I remember reading somewhere that NASA were not going to let spacex use the same capsule to take crew to the iss twice, not enabling reuse, but do you think they would be okay with having a dragon that carried people once cary cargo up on a second flight? The Dragon capsule was originally called DragonRider when it was initially proposed to NASA for the CCDev program. This comment might suggest otherwise, but there may be some ambiguity due to the reiteration of the term "upcoming". SpaceX made history on Monday when it successfully reused a Dragon pressure vessel for the first time. Was CRS-11 indeed the first re-use? The Russian Soyuz capsule is consists of 3 modules: * Orbital Module - also known as the Habitation Module, it contains all the equipment that are not needed for re-entry (experiments, toilet, etc.). The Associated Press. SpaceX to reuse capsule. After successfully reusing a Falcon 9 booster in a launch in March, SpaceX is now attempting to reuse even more spaceflight parts. Space 30 May 2014 By Lauren Hitchings (Image: SpaceX) First cargo, now crew – the uber-modern … SpaceX to reuse Dragon capsules on cargo missions by Jeff Foust — October 14, 2016 A SpaceX Dragon capsule recovered after splashdown at the end of the CRS-5 mission in 2015. SpaceX Set to Reuse Dragon Cargo Spacecraft in Launch Tomorrow. SpaceX allowed us a rare opportunity to actually go inside their headquarters to check out their new Crew Dragon Capsule that will be flying astronauts next year! The unmanned supply spacecraft on which Crew Dragon is based are designed to splash down in the sea as a way of cushioning their landing, but … After reusing a rocket, SpaceX tries reusing Dragon capsule for ISS resupply Recycling kit to lower costs is key to Musk's goals By Iain Thomson in San Francisco 1 Jun 2017 at 18:57 On this week's supply run to the International Space Station, SpaceX will launch a Dragon capsule … According to program manager Kathy Lueders, SpaceX has … Precisely what level of confidence Will be required has not yet been determined. SpaceX has no plans to reuse Crew Dragon spaceships on NASA astronaut launches. CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla.—SpaceX is taking recycling to a whole new realm all the way to orbit. Mission CRS-11, the second Dragon launch of … Shotwell also noted that SpaceX is planning to reuse its Crew Dragon capsules. That was in doubt previously, as the leader of NASA's Commercial Crew program said … Marcia Dunn.

They will not likely reuse the capsule with people aboard until a large number of tests prove reusability is safe.