The 2022 mission of the ExoMars programme will deliver a European rover, Rosalind Franklin, and a Russian surface platform, Kazachok, to the surface of Mars. The cost of the ExoMars mission to the European Space Agency, including the Trace Gas Orbiter and Schiaparelli lander plus the 2020 ExoMars Rover, is expected to be about 1.3 billion euros ($1.4 billion).

How long will it take to reach Mars? The ExoMars rover will travel across the Martian surface to search for signs of life. It is scheduled to launch in the spring of 2020 and land on Mars nine months later. The second mission in the ExoMars program is the 2020 ExoMars Rover and landing platform, a partnership between ESA and Russia's Federal Space Agency, Roscosmos. A Proton rocket will be used to launch the mission, which will arrive at Mars after a nine-month journey. The European cost of the ExoMars programme is €1.3 billion (under economic conditions of 2008), assuming launches in 2016 and 2020.