The camera follows her gaze into the sky while the words "The Unknown Journey Will Continue" appear on-screen before credits roll. Zack Fair looks out over Midgar in the past events of 'Final Fantasy VII Remakeā€¦ Zack being alive in an alternate timeline doesn't really impact the main reason why his death is important. Zack with Cloud in the ending doesn't guarantee he's still alive, they just change the way he dies.

I actually think Zack was killed by Sephirot and Cloud was left unconscious.

This is the one small change that Aerith made to impact this moment, the squad leader with a red scarf is not there. FF7 Remake. The original FF7. level 2 In the Remake timeline, hes still dead. It looks like Zack in the remake will die in a different way at the near end of Midgar, not like in CC that died in Shinra's security shots. In the FF7 Remake, as Zack stands exhausted and we zoom out to above we never see a red scarf, all soldiers in view have the green scarf. He continues into the light, and she looks up into the sky, lamenting, "I miss it. This change will have a huge impact on Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2 and future installments. However, as Zack passes Aerith, she pauses in her step and she and Zack are framed in white light. What I could see happening is Sephiroth being in a similar singularity at the very end of this series. My theory is, that somehow by going through the lifestream he was able to reverse time and go into the past. Okay so in the original timeline, sephiroth dies in advent children and thats his promise to never be a memory.

Advent Children. The steel sky." They haven't established any ways for travel between timelines to be possible so far either. Now here where the Whispers come in.