Geoffrey Beevers (The Master), Mark Gatiss (The Master), Derek Jacobi (The Master), Alex Macqueen (The Master), Milo Parker (The Master), Eric Roberts (The Master), John Simm (The Master), Michelle Gomez (Missy) A special release marking the 50th anniversary of the first tv appearance of the Master in January 1971.

Geoffrey Beevers, Actor: Clash of the Titans.

Doctor Who The Master: How many regenerations have there been?

The Doctor Who Guide 9,232 views dude, this is fucking amazing, holy shit. Quote. Geoffrey Beevers’s only TV appearance as the Master was in 1981’s The Keeper of Traken. Peter Pratt died in 1995, so Geoffrey Beevers has fully taken on the role of the "Crispy" Master in Big Finish stories before/between The Deadly Assasin and The Keeper of Traken. But it wouldn’t be his last performance in the role… Contents. So for that matter is Pratt/Beevers supposed to be ancient, dying Delgado? I couldn’t be more excited.

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Geoffrey Beevers was born in 1941 in Chichester, Sussex, England.
A bottle mystery with double the Doctor-y fun!

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Ask. He's the creepiest, most menacing of all the Masters, without an ounce of camp, instead his devilish delight coming off as the rare genuine moment of pleasure and enjoyment …

23 March 2020 . He is an actor, known for Clash of the Titans (2010), Miss Potter (2006) and Legend (2015).

this is a perfect trailer for the Master, it makes me want to watch every single episode with the master and seeing dhawan!master appear just makes me stupidly giddy. So to get a short trip narrated by one of the most vocally talented Masters Geoffrey Beevers? All posts. Link. Geoffrey Beevers (The Master) Daniel Barzotti (Man) Joe Bassett (Child) Charlie Hayes (Jade) Philip Madoc (Victor Schaeffer) Anne ... Big Finish has today acted to protect the health of its warehouse staff by moving to a digital-first release schedule.

Conventional knowledge is that Pratt and Beevers are the same incarnation. Geoffrey Beevers (born 15 January 1941) is a British actor who has appeared in many different stage and screen roles, notably as the third actor to play The Master in Doctor Who.. Beevers!Master < > Most recent. Geoffrey Beevers, sometimes credited as Geoffery Beevers, (born 15 January 1941) played the Master in The Keeper of Traken, but was credited on-screen and in Radio Times only as "Melkur" to keep the Master's return a surprise.. For his appearance as the Master in The Keeper of Traken, Beevers wore the same hooded robe as worn by Peter Pratt in The Deadly Assassin.

Peter Pratt was the first actor to portray The Master’s cadaverous body.

The Master is easily my favorite Doctor Who baddie and so I thrill whenever I get a chance to hear his character again regardless of the incarnation. - Duration: 13:26. superevilbeans . Video. Double Doctor Who trouble in Regeneration Impossible! Doctor Who: Short Trips Monthly is a series of new short stories read by an original cast member. Filter by post type. Audio. Most popular Most recent.

That certainly doesn’t happen often.

He was previously married to Caroline John.

Text. Part 1! And yet to have it not only match but exceed my expectations?

Release #46 is a post-Traken Master story There is a message for you. Chat. Career; Theatre; Television; Personal life; References; External links; Career Theatre. 1) Geoffrey Beevers - Basically, just as they had rehabilitated the Sixth and, especially, the Eighth Doctor as proper Doctors each, Big Finish managed to make Beevers the most unique and different of all the Masters.