Situated on the outer edge of the Hauraki Gulf in New Zealand's only National Marine Park, Great Barrier Island is a mere 90 kilometres from Auckland City - but a … Great Barrier Island (Māori: Aotea) lies in the outer Hauraki Gulf, New Zealand, 100 kilometres (62 mi) north-east of central Auckland.With an area of 285 square kilometres (110 sq mi) it is the sixth-largest island of New Zealand and fourth-largest in the main chain. Swell Height/Dir Swell Period Pressure Rainfall The stronger the ups and downs, the more uncertain the forecast will be. "We've been at stressful sea surface temperature levels for some time," said Dr William Skirving, a senior scientist with the US National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration's Coral Reef Watch project.

Live weather and forecasts of the Great Barrier Reef’s main regions Cairns Weather & Climate Cairns typically tropical, island-esque climate makes for a reasonably pleasant environment to holiday in for most parts of the year, with the weather rarely approaching what anyone would label truly “cold”. The sunniest days in Great Barrier Reef are in December which has the most hours of sunshine per day with an average of 6.2 hours of sunshine per day, making it a quite sunny month with some cloud cover. The deviance is coloured within the temperature graph. A near gale wind from the southwest. The region has two distinct seasons; a winter period of warm temperatures and low rainfall, and a summer period of balmy temperatures and higher rainfall. Great Barrier Reef Weather & Climate With loads of sunshine, warm seas, refreshing sea breezes and a warm climate all year round, Tropical North Queensland weather is hard to beat. The longest days in Great Barrier Reef are in December, with an average of 13.1 hours of daylight per day.June has the shortest days with an average of 11.1 hours of daylight per day.. Take one of the many walking tracks and hiking trails through pristine native bush, from short walks to the multi-day Aotea Track.Take a one-hour walk for a dip in the natural hot pools at Kaitoke Hot Springs.Soak up the scenery too and feel the stress melt away. The local authority is the Auckland Council. Winds initially southerly moderate to fresh, will tend more southeasterly towards the mid week and become lighter, though are likely to remain fresh at times off the northern Peninsula. Other Charts. Forecast: Great Barrier Island Region: Expect a mix of sun and clouds in the days to come. An umbrella wonʻt be needed today. Weather Situation. The Great Barrier Reef is facing one of the most widespread coral bleaching events on record, as water temperatures in the Coral Sea spike. Explore rugged, untouched wilderness, where nature is king. New Zealand's advanced marine weather forecasting website. There are only 2 other Dark Sky Sanctuaries in the world and Great Barrier Island is the first island to achieve this status which is … In 2017 Aotea Great Barrier Island was awarded International Dark Sky Sanctuary status by the International Dark-Sky Association.. A large high [1029 hPa] over the Great Australian Bight extends a ridge across western and northern Queensland. This is an island made for nature lovers, so get exploring.

Its highest point, Mount Hobson, is 627 metres (2,057 ft) above sea level. This chart shows the 14 day weather trend for Great Barrier Island (Auckland, New Zealand) with daily weather symbols, minimum and maximum temperatures, precipitation amount and probability.