The game features more than 40 popular licensed songs which you play on a guitar controller. Bonus Tracks Downloadable Content This is for the XBox version of Guitar Hero II only. For more information see: Guitar Hero II (PS2) Guitar Hero II (Xbox 360) Gameplay Gameplay is the same of that of the original Guitar Hero. References Year Song title Artist Master recording? The PS2 version was released on November 7, 2006, and the Xbox 360 version was released in April, 2007. With Jason Kendall, Jason Matthewson, Kim Nieva, Danny Shorago. Guitar Hero II arrives on the PS2 with a new track list with more than 55 songs, new venues and additional play modes. Fully Immersive Concert Experience - Realize a true rock concert experience with all new venues, incredible lighting effects, authentic instruments and sick character moves. Return of the Shred 5.5 5. Guitar Hero II features three new Guitar Heroes: The rockabilly-greaser Eddie Knox, the beautiful (but tough) Casey Lynch, and the Scandinavian metal superstar Lars Umlaut. Bold songs are master tracks. Guitar Hero II takes the guitar rock experience to new volumes by allowing players to play 3 different guitar tracks: Rhythm, Bass, and Lead. The Guitar Hero II Bundle for PS2 ships with game, the "Classic Red" SG wired controller, guitar strap and decals. Guitar Hero II follows up on Guitar Hero's award-winning track list, with over 60 tracks including songs as made famous by Van Halen, Aerosmith, Guns 'N Roses, Avenged Sevenfold and others. Guitar Hero II introduces all new multiplayer modes like: cooperative, pro-face off, and face off, letting 2 Guitar Heroes conduct their … Description Guitar Hero II, the follow-up to the PS2-only game Guitar Hero, expands upon the gameplay and features of the original game.As a wannabe rockstar, you need to play songs by pressing combinations of five fret buttons on a guitar-shaped controller, while working the strum bar, along with an optional whammy bar for distortion.

Guitar Hero II features a brand-new and expanded track list, more venues and new play modes, and aims to rock longer and harder than its predecessor. Sequel to Guitar Hero (2005).

Appeared in GH Smash Hits PlayStation 2 Tier Xbox 360 Tier 1977 "Bad Reputation" Thin Lizzy No No 5.4 5. … A list of the songs that appear in Guitar Hero II. Guitar Hero II is the second of the Guitar Hero series developed by Harmonix and published by RedOctane.