GUN GODZ was created for the Venus Patrol Kickstarter and was only released as part of a bundle of games including a new Superbrothers game and Adam Atomic's CAPSULE. Y.V. Features. The Godz did not have a recording contract when they hit the road with Kiss alongside Cheap Trick in 1977. Featuring a fully Venusian soundtrack by Jukio 'KOZILEK' Kallio and a single English track with rap lyrics by Adam 'Doseone' Kidd. A shrine to the Gun Godz. The studio is known for its games Super Crate Box (2010), Serious Sam: The Random Encounter (2011), Ridiculous Fishing (2013), Luftrausers (2014), and Nuclear Throne (2015), as well as for its stand on video game cloning. Pop Bullets From Nowhere: Costs 10 to use the first time, and the cost increases by 10 per use.

You can help to expand this page by adding an image or additional information. Fast paced gun- and melee combat in a stylish presentation. BeachThunder 92; ttjoseph 20; mracoon 7; Marino 3; admin 1 × Pick a List. Vlambeer is a Dutch independent video game developer based in Utrecht.Founded in 2010, the studio is composed of Rami Ismail and Jan Willem Nijman. In addition to being on the Kiss Love Gun tour, they played on what was billed as the "Heaven and Hell Tour" by embarking on the road with Angel. Vaguley reminiscent of Wolfenstein 3-D, Gun Godz is about shooting hip-hop aliens on Venus. Live To Gun Another Day: Heals the player for one heart in exchange for their currently held weapon. The band released its debut album, The Godz, the next year on Millennium Records. Close. 12 levels, 4 secret levels and tons of speedrunning options. none of this game. none. From PCGamingWiki, the wiki about fixing PC games This page is a stub: it lacks content and/or basic article components. The game was originally created for website ... Gatling Gun; Gun; Health Pack; Houseplant; View all 14 results. Gun Godz; Developers; Vlambeer : Engines; GameMaker Studio: Release dates; Windows: September 1, 2013: macOS (OS X) September 5, 2013: Linux: December 9, 2019: Taxonomy; … Gun Godz. Players try to escape the jail of a hotel, which is the only building on Venus and is owned by a record-label owner who happens to be the God of Guns. GUN GODZ is a first person shooter about gun, gangster rap and the rich culture of Venus.
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