Company Culture How to Define Your Company's Values in 4 Steps These four guidelines can help you design company values that stand the test of time. Your values define your company beliefs and bring people together, building a community. They are the guiding principles that your business uses to manage its internal affairs as well as its relationship with customers. Once set, your core values need to be firm and unwavering — a mandate rather than a suggestion. For company values to be truly meaningful, employees need to buy into them. Yet, many leaders think they alone should define these values and then pass them on to employees. Your core values define what you stand for and will help attract the talent that is right for your organization. For example, one of the values was “Our Customers Define Us”. We decided on a hike in a nearby state park, followed by our values workshop over a campfire. Company values, also known as corporate values or core values, are the fundamental beliefs upon which your business and its behavior are based.

Like with any good event planning, we began by establishing our intention: bond as a company and define our core values. Values attract the right people: People don’t leave companies; they leave toxic workplace cultures.