In some business software applications, where groups of users have access to only a sub-set of the application's full functionality, a user guide may be prepared for each group. 1. 11. Make sure your imported template is chosen (highlighted) and press “Export.” 13. Software Documentation Tools to Create End-User Documentation. It can record all screen activity on your computer, audio included.

However, it can also be used to churn out the conventional technical documentation for print, such as guides and manuals.

Write the one-line introduction here. Choose the file with the user instruction manual template on your device and click “Open.” 12.

When you’re creating how-to manuals for software, showing is better than explaining.

Below are some practical tips on writing user manuals that will help you to write content that adapts to the needs of users. Action: To adjust the user manual template: If you want to work with the free template: Download the free user manual template Word 2013 or 2007; Change the section headings according to your own ToC. For example, if you're explaining how to use a software system, it's easier for the trainee to follow a step-by-step numbered list than to extract instructions from a dense paragraph of text. Select a location and click “Save.” All of this procedure for user instruction manual creation is …

Think like a user.
Taking up where from we left off in Part 1 of the technical writing tools series. Notice!
“The ABC software version xx …”) Description . (e.g. This is a single sentence describing what the software does. Do not adjust the Table of Contents.

This is one paragraph providing a summary description of the software. Visuals or lists are useful tools when you are writing your job training manual. CamStudio is the right tool for that. When writing a manual, you need to put on a “user’s hat” and think like a user. Writing good documentation has its challenges, but it certainly pays off a hundred times if you think how much easier it will be for your users to implement your software’s capabilities. You should have a good understanding of your users so you can understand the information they need to know, their background, and their knowledge of the product.

You may guide the user through the functionalities of the tool by recording your screen as you use it.

Once you download the user manual template doc yourself, you will see that a few standard chapters have been added, as well as some appendices.

Technical writing is a very specific term. (Do check it out if you haven’t read it) ... Every time your press F1 in any of your standard software applications, the help window that appears is almost always created using RoboHelp. Once you think like a user, you …

An example of this approach is the Autodesk Topobase 2010 Help [9] document, which contains separate Administrator Guides , User Guides , and a Developer's Guide .