While purpose must be carefully honed and aligned to the values of customers, certain dimensions outshine others e.g. In business, your brand is everything. 3 Purpose-Marketing Lessons From Innovative Brands. Brand purpose provides the differentiation that many seek. But it’s not enough to have an ethos and point of view. After many years of studying the world’s best performing brands in our Best Global Brands report, a shared characteristic is clear: brands with purpose rise to the top. The importance of Brand Purpose … culture, transparency and ethical values. Brand Purpose From company vision to defined mission statements, here is all the news, analysis and insight on embedding values into your brand’s DNA. Before you can determine “why” you exist, you need to think about what you believe in, and what you’re willing to fight for. Why is branding important for business? For companies in the UK, it is the foundation of every experience, the underlying essence that makes a brand relevant and necessary.
Quick: Think of some purpose-driven brands.

Having a brand’s values clearly stated and showcased in everything that the brand does helps them to connect with customers and build a steadfast following. Brand purpose is at the forefront of industry discussion, so why are brands still missing the mark and losing sight of their purpose? I’ll wait. Learn how to gain a competitive edge with these branding tips.
Aligning brand, purpose, and culture. The Importance of Brand Purpose The earliest reference we can find to the Parable of the Three Stonemasons dates to an obscure century-old trade publication*. Cadbury’s brand purpose is about bringing a bit of joy into everyday lives, whereas I’m not really sure what the brand purpose of WH Smith is. Whilst I’m sure this joint venture makes money for both parties, to me it risks devaluing Cadbury’s brand purpose. Maybe you’ve heard it: A traveler at a building site asks three masons what they are doing. I’ll bet a bunch of you thought of Patagonia. While your brand purpose and brand values aren’t the same thing, becoming a purpose-driven brand requires a full view of your overall ideology. Services. Your brand sets you apart from competitors, promotes recognition, and represents your promise to the customer. Think Facebook , whose values are Be Bold, Focus on Impact, Move Fast, Be Open, and Build Social Value.