Judge: Do you know it's against the law to hunt on Reservation land? Clint Eastwood stars as former bounty hunter turned hired gunslinger, Joe Kidd, who finds himself in the middle of a range war in rough and rugged New Mexico. This was one of a string of Westerns made by Eastwood in …

Joe Kidd: Well the deer didn't know where he was, and I wasn't sure either.

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Check if it is available to stream online via "Where to Watch". At the time Clint Eastwood made “Joe Kidd”, he was one of the hottest movie stars around the world and had already begun putting in place arrangements that would make him a major player in Hollywood for several decades. As we all know, Tyson Kidd suffered a career ending injury during a dark match against Samoa Joe in 2015. Share.

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You can watch it below: JOE KIDD was released in 1972 when Clint Eastwood was the top box office draw in the country. Following an armed uprising by local Mexican revolutionaries who claim they've been cheated out of their land, Kidd is hired to quell the rebellion by a wealthy land baron (Robert Duvall) with interests in the disputed territory. Directed by John G. Avildsen.

I actually like this movie better than some of his more famous westerns (and a couple of his other films) from the 1965-74 era, but that's just my opinion.

Two men, Bill, a wealthy conservative, and Joe, a far-right factory worker, form a dangerous bond after Bill confesses to murdering his daughter's drug dealer boyfriend to Joe.

Watch Joe Kidd movie trailer and get the latest cast info, photos, movie review and more on TVGuide.com. Helen Sanchez: He is right, we must give ourselves up, don't you see? There are no TV airings of Joe Kidd in the next 14 days. • Tyson Kidd Replies To A Fan Saying Samoa Joe Getting Injured Is Karma For Ending Kidd’s Career. Joe Kidd. With Peter Boyle, Dennis Patrick, Susan Sarandon, Patrick McDermott. We are the best and cheapest about with over 12 years experience running a showroom valeting also carpet rug and sofa cleaning Showroom £45 full 30 mini15 Eastwood's character Joe Kidd seems to me to be a more realistic persona, and just as capable as his other movie portrayals.