This is the act of someone witnessing or potentially witnessing your sexual acts.

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Spike: A spike is a comparatively large upward or downward movement of a price in a short period of time. It can be public sex, having sex in a car, or just having sex with the window open.

But again, be careful: differentiability is a mathematical idea. Bullet graphs A bullet graph is a variation of a bar graph developed to replace dashboard gauges and meters.

The bullet graph is generally used to compare a primary measure to one or more other measures in the context of qualitative ranges of performance, such as poor, satisfactory, and good. The thought is that once a business has reduced their price to a certain level any fluctuation that raises the price will cause the firm to lose customers. The best way to understand it, is to understand it mathematically, according to the definition. Learn more in the Cambridge English-Chinese simplified Dictionary. BDSM "BDSM is a catch-all acronym for several different aspects of the kink community," Dr. Powell explains.

Pages 440-453 The upper section of the kinked-demand curve has a higher price elasticity than the lower part. Spike also refers to the trade confirmation …

kink translate: 扭结, (绳线、管道等直线物体上的)扭结,绞缠,弯, (尤指颈、背部的)肌肉抽筋,痛性痉挛, 问题, 缺陷, 癖好, 怪癖.

kinked demand curve: A bend in a standard demand curve that is a result of competitors decreasing their prices to match each others, but not raising them to achieve the same effect. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

Sacred kink: finding psychological meaning at the intersection of BDSM and spiritual experience. Here is our kink list of common and not so common kinks out there for you to explore: 1. Thus for price increases above P, the relevant demand curve is the section dE of the dd’ curve.

kink (n.) 1670s, "knot-like contraction or short twist in a rope, thread, hair, etc., originally a nautical term, from Dutch kink "twist in a rope" (also found in French and Swedish), which is probably related to Old Norse kikna "to bend backwards, sink at the knees" as if under a burden" (see kick (v.)).

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Kink thus contrasts with vanilla, conventional, or normative sex. Exhibitionism.

Kink definition: A kink is a curve or twist in something which is otherwise or normally straight . Whereas the graph of a normal linear equation looks like a line, an absolute value linear equation graph looks like a "V." It's basically a line with a kink in it, a sharp point (or vertex) where the graph changes directions.

Well, you have to graph them a little differently than regular linear equations, too. Due to the kink in the demand curve of the oligopolist, his MR curve is discon­tinuous at the level of output corresponding to the kink.
If so, you have seen that there is no tangent line to the graph at $0$, because of the sharp point. 3. This is way to "understand" the rôle of the sharp point.