This is also where you’ll find the colourful peak Leirhnjúkur. For tourists, there are three main highlights to the Krafla area. The Two Víti craters... View Námaskarð. It is located by R... View Námafjall Geothermal Area. It is a 525 metre tall active volcano surrounded by mud pots and fumaroles, hence its name, which translates to “mud peak.” The surrounding Leirhnjúkur lava field is an impressive sight to behold. It required some walking to explore the area, and my exploration was not thorough, but walking was easy, the trail well marked, and the surroundings fabulous. A survey undertaken in 2006 found magma only 2,1km deep. Námaskarð Pass is a geothermal area on the mountain Námafjall, in north Iceland, less than half an hour’s drive from Lake Mývatn. Wikimedia, Creative Commons, Photo by Christian Wirth Víti is an explosion crater in the Krafla fissure area of North Iceland. Leirbotn (the geothermal power station), Víti Maar (a volcanic crater with an opaque, teal green lake) and Leirhnjúkur (steaming sulfuric terrain and multicolored lava field landscapes). Krafla Lava Fields This is a fantastic place. The western side of Krafla is an active geothermal area, rich with fumaroles and solfataras (bubbling mud springs).