It has a pair of useless eyes surrounded by an orange ring. Xenon_Stardust. It has a striped pattern on the back. 12/jan/2018 às 7:48 This one has been closed of two patches ago. 12/jan/2018 às 7:42 Where's the entrance to lava lake? The old direct entrance to the lava lakes got moved to the border between the mountains and the bulb zone. Seriously, I watched a video that says it's right in front of aurora, but I can't find it anywhere! Detailed help on the Subnautica biome Active Lava Zone / Lava Lakes and how to teleport there in the command console. The Inactive Lava Zone is characterized by large, arching structures and walls of hardened lava with occasional steaming lava streams.

It is composed of two distinct areas and can be found at 900 to 1300 meters down, well below the limit of a Seamoth (even when equipped with a Seamoth Depth Module MK3 ) - making an upgraded Cyclops and Prawn Suit the only vehicles to be able to navigate through it.

This goes down the the lakes. This goes down the the lakes. One of those is a path to the active lava zone which is large enough for the Cyclops. Subnautica > General Gameplay Discussion > Detalhes do tópico.

You should see the lava castle in the distance to the left, but straight ahead will be a rather large opening that the cyclops can easily fit though. There's a large entrance by the lava castle, it looks like a massive depression in the floor, with indents on the walls. Twilight.

It's now a Lost River entrance, but it also leads pretty much directly to … On the front, the Lava Larva has two short, bulbous antennae-like appendages pointing forward.

The Lava Larva has a dark violet body, which is slightly flattened on the top and underneath. < > Exibindo comentários 1 – 4 de 4.