LIGHTNING. Lightning Alerts to Mitigate Costs in Renewable Energy. For close lightning strikes the EFM-100’s accuracy is unsurpassed. THOR GUARD began manufacturing Lightning Prediction Systems in 1973. Over the years, we have studied thousands of hours of Lightning Strike Data over the millions of hours of our systems operations - all for the purpose of continually improving our unique Prediction and Detection Technology incorporating state-of-the-art hardware. SkyScan is the most recognizable brand of portable lightning detectors available today. The impacts of lightning can be severe, affecting assets, property and business operations. Lightning Detectors & Lightning Monitors Scientific Sales boasts a full line of lightning detectors and lightning warning alarms to protect people from unpredictable and deadly lightning strikes. Overview of Lightning Detection Equipment By Richard Kithil, President & CEO, NLSI Lightning hazards can be mitigated by advanced planning. Lighting monitors can detect electrical activity from up to 40 miles away and track a storm as it approaches with audible and LED alarms. As mobile lightning detection systems use attenuation and not triangulation, sometimes they mistakenly recognize and indicate a weak flash as a strong one. Detecting in-cloud lightning enables us to generate faster, lightning alerts and warn of other forms of severe weather like tornadoes, downbursts and hail. Our short-range EFM-100 lightning detector is used for alerting of nearby thunderstorms (up to 24 miles/38 km away) and also has the ability to detect high electric-field conditions which precede the first lightning strike.

Campbell Scientific provides electric-field (field mill) and lightning-detection systems for warning or alarming at sports fields, mines, artillery sites, ammunition depots, electric substations and facilities, refineries, and other locations where lightning strikes pose a significant hazard. One part of this safety program should include an early detection and warning alarm package. It’s currently used worldwide by companies and organizations that require simple easy to … Products powered by lightning data We were the first to realize the importance of in-cloud lightning detection. Space-based Lightning Detectors Space-based lightning detectors are fixed on artificial satellites.
Access to critical lightning data assists your decision-making in challenges lightning can bring to your business and operations.