The multiclock can be it’s own master or synced to external MIDI, DIN sync or Analogue master clocks. $100 - $1100 (6) $1100 - $2100 (7) $2100 - $3100 (3) $3100 - $4100 (2) $5100 - $7000 (1) Enter a price range: $ - $ Go. It can be used with devices equipped with a BNC connector for their master clock input. Obviously, these slave devices will need to have a master clock input. Synchronisation of the multiclock to a DAW relies on a sample accurate audio clock, which allows for rock solid sync signals. Viele Besitzer einer Wordclock behaupten, dass die Vorteile dieser High-End-Geräte viel weniger subtil sind, als man denkt. Heutzutage sind komprimierte Audio-Dateien die Norm. It is widely known that a master clock changes the sound quality of digital audio devices more or less to a higher level. Wird ein eigenes Gerät, die Wordclock (englisch auch Master Clock), verwendet. In digital audio devices, the clock signal acts as the heart of the product, the higher purity of clock brings more accurate and better sound quality. master [master copy] Master {m} [Originalkopie] electr. The Isochrone OCX can be locked to the most accurate clock on Earth – the Atomic clock. Mp3/AAC Encoding. Brand Search. 0, 06/2014 Freescale Semiconductor 7 Test results 5 Test results 5.1 SABRE AI data Figure 4. Als nächstes … 9. Due to the platform hardware and software specifics, there is no easy way to cha nge the audio master clock frequency or its internal routing without impacting audio performance, so only the existing scheme has been tested. The clock will ensure synchronization between the desk, the converters and any digital outboard effects units.

The performance of digital audio devices that employ the quartz crystal based clock generator can be improved by disabling the original generator and adding the ο1 precision master clock. WordClock Generators & Syncronization Narrow Results. A studio can truly achieve perfect stability with the power of Atomic Clock. master's degree: Master {m} to set the alarm for 7 o'clock: den Wecker auf 7 Uhr stellen: electr. Mp3/AAC Encoding. Custom Outputs. However, the higher purity of clock … If the master clock fails for any reason, a new master clock will be chosen from the existing slaves within a few seconds. Typically, audio will continue to flow and a backup master clock will take over. The sCLK-OCX10 is a master clock generator that produces a high purity 10 MHz clock signal. The Advance Master Clock (AMC)—standard on the B Series APx555 and optional for the APx52x and APx58x B Series audio analyzers—provides jitter, trigger, and clock synchronization features. It is widely known that a master clock changes the sound quality of digital audio devices more or less to a higher level. It could be the paramount digital device for audiophiles who want the best sound quality. The Model 5401 Dante Master Clock provides precise timing signals for applications that utilize the Dante® audio-over-Ethernet media networking technology. While the clock generator is not the only potential source of jitter, it is an important one and often the worst offender in digital audio circuitry. Here’s a list of compatible DACs, servers, reclockers, and transports compatible with the 10 MHz Mutec REF 10 master clock – the subject of this review. Wird ein eigenes Gerät, die Wordclock (englisch auch Master Clock), verwendet.

In effect that's what I do although I try to keep my audio computer as clean as possible. AMC also offers jitter generation and analysis capabilities. In systems where digital audio is being used in synchronism with video, an appropriate master clock is absolutely essential. The OCX, OCX-V and Trinity are the only Master Clocks capable of locking to this unprecedented technology. Each channel can be set to either emit MIDI, DIN sync or analogue clock.

OCX HD Master Clock offers a great variety of clocking options – 10 configurable in pairs Word Clock Outputs on BNC, four AES/EBU Outputs and two more on S/PDIF. As for master clock, ryclark's suggestion makes sense but, as I say, you likely won't find any difference and Audition (at least on my computer) defaults to the output and since it works fine that way, it's one less thing to fiddle with when you have a lot to do. The sCLK-OCX10 is a specially designed product for high end audio equipment which brings all the benefits of master clocks that have been used primarily in recording studios and high performance audio. A word clock or wordclock (sometimes sample clock, which can have a broader meaning) [further explanation needed] is a clock signal used to synchronise other devices, such as digital audio tape machines and compact disc players, which interconnect via digital audio signals.Word clock is so named because it clocks each audio sample.Samples are represented in data words. Antelope (5) Avid (1) Black Lion Audio (3) Mutec (5) Tascam (3) Teac (2) Filter By In stock (4) Available In Store (2) Customer Rating (1) Price Range.