Where can I find the documentation for the plugin's configuration? Exclude dependencies from dependency analysis. How do I create a JAR containing the classes in my webapp?

How do I exclude transitive dependencies from my project? This rule checks the dependencies and fails if any of the matching excludes are found. Update or downgrade dependency versions: If versions of dependencies clash, it is usually better to adjust the version through a dependency constraint, instead of attempting to exclude the dependency with the undesired version.. The following parameters are supported by this rule: searchTransitive - if transitive dependencies should be checked. It excludes all signature related files from every artifact, regardless of its group or artifact id. How do I exclude files when doing overlays? excludes - a list of artifacts to ban.

Here, Ant-like patterns are used to specify that from the dependency junit:junit only certain classes/resources should be included in the uber JAR. Default is true. The second filter demonstrates the use of wildcards for the artifact identity which was introduced in plugin version 1.3. What's the difference between using dependentWarExclude and provided scope?

Use below configuration in maven surefire plugin to exclude the Java classes in a package. Junit 5, Maven Surefire Plugin, Java 8, Gradle 5.6 or Maven 3.6.1. In your project POM, underneath your active dependency, enter exclusions and using code completion paste the copied info of the dependency you want to exclude. To perform an even more fine grained overwriting policy, overlays can be packaged multiple times with different includes/excludes. A project's dependencies can be analyzed as part of the build process by binding the dependency:analyze-only goal to the lifecycle. Transitive Dependencies Discovery . One of the core features of Maven is Dependency Management. How do I exclude files in my web resources? Note: In the scenario above, any other WAR dependency will be applied after the current build since they have not been configured in the element. Using Maven. Prerequisites. You can use Exclude command from the context menu in the Maven dependency diagram to quickly exclude the specified dependency from POM and the respective tool windows. It is pretty often a case, when a library, say A, depends upon other library, say B. Managing dependencies is a difficult task once we've to deal with multi-module projects (consisting of hundreds of modules/sub-projects).
For example, consider the following scenario on two projects, where: Project A depends on Project B and C.2.0.jar; Project B depends on C.3.0.jar; Usually, Project A downloads C.2.0.jar and Project B downloads C.3.0.jar. Banned Dependencies. Shade Java Classes Using Maven¶ While working on projects with multiple dependencies, sometimes, you may experience conflicting dependencies. Maven provides a high degree of control to manage such scenarios. By default, the analysis will be performed during the verify lifecycle phase..