Email drip campaigns offer you a wealth of benefits: There are even ways to send drip emails from your favorite email newsletter tool, and tricks for creating your own drip automation with just an email sending service. The most important thing to remember when drafting mortgage email campaigns is that people are often looking through their inbox to delete emails, not read them, so you’ve got to make a positive first impression when reaching out to contacts — and maintain that rapport throughout the duration of your email campaign. Create teams & roles.

Make… Let us show you how much better your email campaigns can look and function when they have the right platform behind them. Email drip campaigns are intimidating. As a content leader for the mortgage industry, Drip Marketing, Inc. offers robust copy, ad agency-grade designs without the high fees. Using our software, realtors can transparently collaborate with lending partners to automate updates, increase lead conversion and ROI on their marketing campaigns. They’re more timely, relevant, and targeted. Because of this, your open rates WILL exceed that national average by 18%, 25% or 33% or more. Here are seven ideas we think will help you gain traction over the next 12 months. If someone just subscribed to your blog newsletter, for example, a drip campaign could send a welcome email right away, and two days later, an email that shows off some of your most-read content. Perhaps it’s because it became mainstream during the real estate and mortgage crash. Powerful email drip and social media campaigns to Squeeze more deals from your leads and help keep your business on the books.

Also called an “email drip campaign,” it works in marketing by sending out emails on a predetermined schedule to prospects in a list that you create. Automation is absolutely key with workflows creating efficiencies that enable the loan officer to have more time to work the high volume of work related to in-process loans and therefore close a higher loan volume. … Much like drip email, you can set up follow-up scheduled text messages to keep in … Mortgage Manager Marketing Drip Campaigns – Cimmaron Mortgage Manager CRM software is a powerful contact management database, lead distribution, and automated … They’re complicated, requiring you to create a bunch of content, write a bunch of emails, and then stitch it all together somehow. Drip Marketing for Loan Officers. Big Purple Dot helps realtors better manage co-marketing relationships with lending partners on any lead source. This non-automated (or non-drip) system is explored, with examples, in this series. Email drip campaigns are intimidating. However, there are plenty of times when a series of emails makes more sense.

An email drip campaign sends a series of emails that become progressively more promotional as your lead warms up and begins to trust you over time. Put simply, drip marketing is all about giving people the right information at the right time.