Yasur (Vanuatu Islands) is an active volcano characterized by persistent Strombolian to mild Vulcanian explosive activity, well known to generate a broad variety of air pressure waves. Ports of Call Tours. We have come on a day of level 2 activity, how lucky for us. The seismicity associated with strombolian activity at Yasur volcano is unremarkable since similar to that at Stromboli volcano . See More Tours woowl2014. Multi-day Tours. AGU Fall Meeting, Abs. Mt Yasur Volcano is a wonderful educational experience for children. This is when the …

Mt. From USD 224.62* More Info. Nature & Wildlife. Singapore, Singapore.

Tanna Island: Full Day Tour Including Mt Yasur Volcano. Changes in seismic activity relating to such eruptions have been observed in response to a nearby M=7.3 earthquake (Battaglia et al. Go now before they change everything making Mt Yasur only viewable from a distance.
4 12. The volcano is known for its spectacular and persistent strombolian activity that consists of regular small to violent explosions from one or several vents. No one can prepare you for the jaw dropping sounds that fill the air. Once darkness falls, the real excitement begins and never again will your children say they haven’t experienced an Active Volcano or felt her rumble. The Classic Mt Yasur Tour provides travellers with a glimpse of Tanna, with an early afternoon drive (approx 2.00pm), with visitors being guided to the crater rim about an hour before dusk, enabling great viewing of the Volcano as the night sets in. Mount Yasur can only be visited when the volcano is classed as either level 1 or 2, the higher the more active is it.

Between 9 and 12 July 2011, we recorded explosive activity from the three active vents of Mt. S21A-1702). Mt Yasur Volcano Afternoon Guided Tour Tanna Island. From USD 408.21* More Info.
From USD 529.72* More Info. 3 Night Tanna Island Adventure Package Including Mount Yasur . Staring down into the red-hot lava storm of Mt Yasur is a sight you won’t soon forget. 2009. A loud and solid grumble that lasts for several seconds.

Mt Yasur is on Tanna Island which is located 45 mins south by air from Port Vila.