Days earlier at least 3 people died in flash flooding and mudslides in Tacna Department.

Massive mudslides and flooding in the Cusco Department of Peru have left at least 3 people dead, 20 missing and 300 homes destroyed.

Landslides and floods have been affecting Huanuco, Pasco and Cusco departments (central Peru) since mid-December.

Humanitarian situation reports, response plans, news, analyses, evaluations, assessments, maps, infographics and more on Peru: Floods and Landslides - Feb 2019 According to Peru’s National Institute of Civil Defense (Indeci), 30 homes, a church and a bridge… Peru - Flash floods and mudslides (COEN-INDECI, SENAMHI) (ECHO Daily Flash of 26 February 2020) Source.

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Devastating Floods in Peru Displace Tens of Thousands Mudslides have struck across the Andean nation where dozens have been killed and many of the hardest hit are those who can least afford it. Peru - Flash floods and mudslides update (COEN-INDECI, SENAMHI) ... Orange alerts for heavy rain remain in place for southern region, including Cusco Department on 27-28 Febraury. The tragedy follows weeks of severe weather in Peru.

The state of emergency is due to unusually high seasonal rainfall that has triggered severe flooding, affecting roads and transportation in several provinces in Peru. The Government of Peru declared a state of emergency for the Carretera Central affecting various districts in multiple provinces within the country.

Floods and mudslides have destroyed homes and a bridge in Huánuco Department, central Peru.

... Cusco Department) resulted in one death, 11 missing and 13 injured. Heavy rain has been affecting northern and western Bolivia and Peru, triggering river overflow, floods and mudslides.