The area of strongest shaking in the earthquake was about 30 miles in diameter from Northridge, California, encompassing southern Ventura and northern Los Angeles counties. Earthquake san diego today & Video Earthquake san diego today ***** California could be hit by an mega-earthquake, and it would be catastrophic The magnitude February 1971 - L.Shakes - the Sylmar Earthquake of 1971 - widespread damage and numerous deaths from … What was the human impact? With a moment magnitude of 6.7, the Northridge earthquake was the strongest earthquake to strike the Los Angeles area since the 1971 San Fernando earthquake, which also had a magnitude of 6.7. The earthquake had a Richter magnitude of 6.7.

The earthquake occurred beneath Northridge, a suburb in the San Fernando Valley, 30 km northwest of Los Angeles (see map on next page). This movement may have terminated against one of the faults that moved in 1971. This was the second time in 23 years that the area had been affected by a strong earthquake. Models of the fault planes of the 1994 Northridge (magenta) and 1971 San Fernando earthquakes (blue) suggest that movement on the buried thrust fault responsible for the Northridge earthquake terminated about 5 kilometers beneath the surface. The 1971 earthquake was itself significant for revealing the inadequacies of previous building The Northridge earthquake caused at least 57 deaths and over 9,000 injuries. Northridge is a neighborhood of Los Angeles, California in the San Fernando Valley. On February 9, 1971 the San Fernando earthquake (also known as the Sylmar earthquake) struck, having a magnitude of 6.5. The last major earthquake prior to 1994 to hit the Los Angeles area was the 1971 San Fernando Earthquake (M6.7), located immediately to the east of the Northridge earthquake fault rupture. the 1971 san fernando earthquake An hour before sunrise, at 6:01 AM, PST, on February 9, 1971, the San Fernando region was struck by one of the most devastating earthquakes in California history. To understand the tectonic setting of these two earthquakes, we mapped subsurface geology of the San Fernando Valley down to a depth of ∼3 km, using industry oil-well and seismic data.

Its epicentral region was the same area that had been rocked during the 1971 San Fernando earthquake.

Fifty-seven people lost their lives as a result of the Northridge quake. The San Fernando earthquake (also known as the Sylmar earthquake) was a magnitude 6.6 earthquake that struck on February 9th, 1971 at 6:00 AM PST. The San Fernando Valley lies above the north-dipping 1971 Sylmar and south-dipping 1994 Northridge earthquake faults.

Earthquake activity was felt as far away as Las Vegas and San Diego.