Anything that uses MSF's ost earns my subscription. BGM - Caught Red Handed 5. Hyper Drive Edition - Trailer officiel. BGM - Break Up Take Down 12. BGM - Yummy 11. Uzza_Harpy. Users who like Mighty Punk Force 2 - Daft Collision; Users who reposted Mighty Punk Force 2 - Daft Collision Mighty Switch Force OST by Jake Kaufman, released 22 December 2011 1. Commercial (Digital) published by Big Lion Music (distributed by Bandcamp) on Jun 14, 2013 containing original soundtrack, arrangement from Mighty Switch Force 2 with compositions by Jake Kaufman performed by Arvid Staaf, Jeff Ball, Jeff Luke, Sean Velasco, Jake Kaufman Elza Garrett. Follow. Stream Mighty Switch Force 2 OST - Track 01 - Title by Sir William from desktop or your mobile device Boss Rush (Full Version) 16. A music pack for Mighty Switch Force 2 was also uploaded, so go check that out. BGM - Whoa I'm In Space Cuba 9. Con ustedes nuestras recomendaciones semanales de la mejor música de los videojuegos para esas personas que están aburridas: 01. Slayin - Original Soundtrack by Norrin_Radd, released 22 April 2013 1. In-Game Shop 6. Nearly every track on this album will make you want to stand up and get down. This is Uzza_Harpy’s music collection on Bandcamp. This track revolutionizes VGM without complete chip-tune in the original soundtrack. Level Select 4. Unused ~ Death Peak Alternate 11. BGM - Final Level 13. [HUMAN_CONSOLE_OVERRIDE] -- OK_CAND -- This song/video is a candidate for filler classification, but it has not yet been determined if it will be granted or declined. Tavern 14. Bomberman 64 Music: Masker (Miniboss Battle Theme) Channel Menu (00:02); Planet Robobot (Title) (01:53) First Contact (Opening) (01:36) World Map (01:21); Patched Plains (Map 1) (01:07) Patched Pathway (Plains Area 1) (02:07) Code Cube Get! 3:55. BGM - Love You Love You Love 7. 2:18. Start your own!

2 does have a new main theme that appears in a number of tracks such as the aforementioned Title theme. Final Boss 10. 6:51. Stage 4 Lost Sands 5. jake kaufman + daft punk +soundclound + pharrel william = BEST MUSIC EVER.

Final Boss 14. Unrik86. Title 2. Mighty Switch Force 2 OST - Track 09 - Dalmatian Station. 10. Final Boss Defeated 11. Mighty Switch Force! 2015-01-11T00:12:01Z Comment by Mr_Stovi. Title Screen 3. 30:57. Mighty Switch Force! 0:58. In-Game Theme 2 (New in the 2.0 Update) 7. Kirby Dream Land 3 - Sand Canyon 1 Extended by OST Mode. Unused ~ Savage Theme 10. Hyper Drive Edition - 01 - Time Star. Mighty Switch Force 2 OST (gift given) by Jake Kaufman. Intro (New in the 2.0 Update) 2. Una semana más, un playlist más. Jake Kaufman - [Mighty Switch Force 2 OST … Stage 3 Magma Caves 4.

In-Game Theme 5. Swap Heroes - Original Soundtrack by Norrin_Radd, released 21 October 2014 1. Someone yelled at me and said the Mighty Switch Force music pack was too loud, so I reuploaded a version of it, with a SNDINFO file added to make it quieter. Intro 3. 1:27. Mighty Switch Force 2 OST - Track 01 - Title by IroncladAlt.

Mighty Switch Force - Gameplay. 2, harkens back to the glory days of dancehall greatness, yet still keeps things fresh by throwing in some of electronic music’s more recent innovations. Unfollow. Jake Kaufman‘s newest release, the soundtrack to WayForward‘s 3DS puzzle-platformer Mighty Switch Force! – Track 15 (Recomendación de Francisco Montero) Un juego pequeño pero lleno de personalidad. Stage 1 Star Beach 2. Hyper Drive Edition - 02 - Time Star. Mighty Switch Force! Stage 5 Death Peak 6. BGM - Jive Bot 8. BGM - Launch Hearts 6. Unreleased ~ Title Screen (The Boy with Bombs) 8. Character Select 4. Namiki Manabu - [DoDonPachi Saidaioujou Special Sound Track CD1 #02] Ran (Stage1) Namiki Manabu - [DoDonPachi Saidaioujou Special Sound Track CD1 #03] Taiji (Boss) ... Jake Kaufman - [Mighty Switch Force 2 OST #01] Title. BGM - Apprehend Them!

Unrik86. Mighty Switch Force en definitiva cuenta con muchísimo carisma, y para muestra, […] Unreleased ~ In-Game Theme (The Boy with Bombs) 9. This new main theme is most prominent in the oh-so-catchy Got2BAStar and the the staff roll, Credits (Rescue Girl) , which is a sweet vocal track that sounds like it was sung by the Village People. Following. Credits 13.

2015-01-16T00:36:54Z Comment by Yagyū. Game Over 12. Boss Defeated 9. Gamekult. Stage 2 Rainbow Woods 3.

edit profile. Mighty Switch Force ! Boss 8. Graveyard 15.