We offer International seminars, workshops and keynote speeches on branding with some of the world’s foremost authorities on the subject. For example, after a morning of MBTI or DiSC training, our Igniting Team Performance session will guide participants through challenging activities, which bring to life the specific behavioral, and personality styles uncovered from the morning session, allowing the team to get to know each other even better. I’ve spent the last couple of years studying and running workshops. We also lead the way in blending a professional development workshop with team building. Proven Content Creator Formula to easily create 100+ Content Ideas. Studying these personal branding examples is a perfect way to get started building your own personal brand. Why should you build your personal brand?

Do you want it stylised in some way? Self-education is a great way to build foundational knowledge before you venture into the increasingly competitive job market. We will cover YOU – your vision, goals, values, passion, strengths, who you’d like to speak to as your target audience (TA). Your employees are on social media and whether they like it or not, they are extensions of your company’s brand...how are you helping THEM capitalize their personal presence so they highlight the great work they do for your company in a way that positively reflects your companies overall vision AND allows them to enjoy all that social media has to offer? The key is a healthy, active pace that continues to build on itself. For example, the company Foursquare specifies that it is to be consistently written as ‘Foursquare’, not FourSquare, fourSquare, Four Square or any other variation. 1.5h workshop to teach you in how to use your content . Revamped LinkedIn profile summary (written by award winning copywriter) LinkedIn e-Book for best practise use.

Described by participant's as “insightful and dynamic” these interactive engagements are designed to educate and empower audiences to release the full potential of the brands they manage. A proven formula to create, curate, manage and schedule content aligned to your area of expertise After all, you might work for a business that works with other businesses, but it’s people working with people and that’s what makes business relationships valuable. For people wanting to meet the challenge of ‘Business Success’ with a definitive image (brand) and a personalized career plan, the Sam Christensen Process offers an innovative solution to age-old challenges inherent in […] We will together define what you offer and why should your TA choose you over others?
Johnny Brito Personal Branding by Johnny Brito.

Branding on a business-level is common, but today branding is becoming just as important on a personal level. LinkedIn Personal Branding Workshops. They include workshops on design thinking for Google, to basic brand principles for startups. Even beyond the idea of a physically designed logo, consider the way that you want your brand to be written out in body copy. I’ve carefully crafted this hands-on workshop for you which will be an end to end online and offline personal branding solution. Do it right and you’re bound to have a rewarding and opportunity-rich future you’ve always dreamed of.

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