A short note on Peter Hartcher forgetting the underpants and discovering climate change ... (Above: yes it had to be David Pope, Canberra Times 28th April 2010, found here ). Peter Hartcher is an award-winning Australian journalist and the Political and International Editor of the Sydney Morning Herald. April 28, 2020 — 12.01am. ... the bad times are now upon us, courtesy of the made-in-China pandemic. The inner city shed more than 43,000 jobs last month and the Reserve Bank has warned the economy won't bounce back to strength without a major medical breakthrough.

As time goes on, Trump is looking less like an aberration and more like a culmination. So said the political editor of the Sydney Morning Herald Peter Hartcher on Saturday, in a second article attacking China’s Ambassador to Australia, Cheng Jingye, over his response to the Australian government’s proposal for an “International” inquiry into the origins of the novel Coronavirus outbreak. Peter Hartcher is political editor and international editor of The Sydney Morning Herald.

He is also a visiting fellow at the Lowy Institute. Ambassador Cheng has openly threatened Australia with trade boycotts. Editor’s note: Email is a thoroughly reliable mode of communication most of the time.But there are moments when things go awry, as they must have done late yesterday evening, when what might be SMH Canberra correspondent Peter Hartcher’s budget-night copy and correspondence turned up by mistake in Quadrant’s in-box.. Now, read on:

Opinion On the brink of peril, Australia is left wondering what the mad sheriff has in mind

Here are eight ways Australia can thrive in a Trumpian world, writes Peter Hartcher. Peter Hartcher Political and international editor for The Sydney Morning Herald.

His books include Bubble Man, The Sweet Spot and To the Bitter End.

Amazing scenes.

And what has China's official representative in Canberra done?