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In the sense of the product or result of something, offspring is both singular and plural. — Lila Westreich, The Conversation, "Spring signals female bees to lay the next generation of pollinators," 1 May 2020 However, the egg that gives rise to the offspring would definitely be considered a … Human offspring are referred to as children. Other nouns are means, offspring, series, and species.

All of a person's descendants , including further generations. The exception was again the chick with few scorable bands, and we concluded that all those chicks were genetic offspring of their social fathers.

When used as a noun, the spelling remains the same; a word for offspring of any number, an uncountable noun. Young is usually used as an adjective with no plural form. offspring (plural offspring or offsprings) A person's daughter (s) and/or son (s); a person's children . Recent Examples on the Web Female solitary bees create segmented nests for each individual offspring. offspring definition: 1. the young of an animal: 2. a person's children: 3. the young of an animal: . Cloning is the production of an offspring which represents the identical genes as its parent. The offspring of the claimant is entitled to all of the land. Nouns that are both singular and plural include animals such as sheep, antelope, deer, and moose, and many types of fish. This sense can additionally apply to animals but not human beings. The Plural of Offspring Offspring is a mass noun. Are You Good at Plurals? Hhis father was probably an Italian nobleman, although he liked to hint he was the offspring of a high-ranking clergyman. The estate of the testator shall be divided equally among his offsprings. The singular and plural applies to human beings as well as animals. Learn more. It has no plural form.