The stadium opened in 1999 and has had a maximum capacity of 74,500 ever since.

Description: Principality Stadium In 1984 Wales erected their first official national rugby stadium, however it soon turned out to be outdated. Theatre: The Principality Stadium hosts the Rugby World Cup 1999 opening ceremony. The Principality Stadium is the largest stadium in Wales and the fourth largest in the UK. The Principality is the 4 biggest stadium in the UK, only behind Wembley Stadium, Twickenham Stadium and the home of Manchester United, … The Principality Stadium occupies a prime position in the heart of the Welsh capital. Only Wembley, Twickenham and Old Trafford are larger.

Coronavirus The huge cost of setting up Wales' massive network of field hospitals revealed The largest, the Dragon's Heart Hospital based at the Principality Stadium… The atmosphere at the Principality Stadium (previously known as the Millennium Stadium) is the result of a combination of unique design features, with the biggest factor being the retractable roof.

It is owned by The WRU (Welsh Rugby Union) The Principality is a 74,500 all seater multi use arena in the heart of Cardiff City Centre. The Principality Stadium is largest Stadium in Wales, the 4th largest in the UK and the 14th largest stadium in Europe. It is the 2nd largest stadium in the world with a … The story of how the Principality Stadium was built The third in a series of independent reports, spanning two decade, also estimates visitor spending has provided £1.95bn for the local economy, whilst producing a £55m increase on the average estimated yearly …

The temporary 2,000-bed Dragon's Heart Hospital, inside the Principality Stadium, aims to … Specially insulated to maximise its acoustic effect, the roof traps the roar of the crowd so that it reverberates around the seating bowl. The capacity is 74,500 spectators.

The Principality Stadium – usually a 75,000 capacity venue, in the heart of the capital city Cardiff, with 113 hospitality suites and its retractable roof, has been transformed into Ysbyty Calon y Ddraig - Dragon's Heart Hospital.The pitch is covered with one of the largest tents in Europe, which has capacity for over 2,000 patients, freeing up local hospitals to carry on providing ongoing care. Design created back in 1960’s and compromised capacity after Taylor Report (down to 47,500) led to talks of a major overhaul already in mid-1990’s. Principality Stadium. The Principality Stadium with its roof closed, is the largest enclosed stadium in Europe and the second largest in the World. You may be interested to know that the largest in the World is the 80,000 capacity AT&T Park, the home of the Dallas Cowboys in the United States. Cardiff’s Principality Stadium has permanently reduced its maximum capacity in order to increase its disabled access by up to 30 per cent, the Welsh Rugby Union has announced. The all-seater stadium boasts a total capacity of 74,500 spectators, making it the fourth largest in the United Kingdom.