Set your warning level. Go to Security app.

To restrict the data usage for a specific app on MIUI, follow the steps given below, 1. Tap on setting icon which exists on right side top. Click on the button "Restrict data usage". Un-tick the type of data (Mobile Data or Wi-Fi) access of the specific you want.

All done.

and To retrict invidual apps backgroud data usage goto Security App Restrict Data Usage Select the 3 dot upper right side corner, here you will see the apps list.

MIUI 11 issues with connectivity are not that widespread, although the Hotspot inability to share connection succeded the same issue from MIUI 10. Set your data limit in Peak data limit option. 2. Now you can easily restrict a particular app data consumption either from a particular SIM card data pack and also through the wifi.

How to Set Data Usages Limit in Xiaomi Mobiles : Open Security App. Choose Data usages option in Feature Settings.

Restrict data usage. Now you will see the list of apps you want to restrict the data usage for. Some users said that the wireless speeds dropped significantly, others that they are unable to utilize mobile data and it even seems that VoLTE (and Wi-Fi Calling, for some) is missing.

Data Usage. On MIUI Goto Security App Restrict Data Usage, here you can allow or restrict the connection type for apps. You can force invidual apps to save even more data. Find the toggle "Data Usage" in MIUI Security App.