Sisters-in-law Peggy Snow and Ruth Goddard deal with life's trials and tribulations realistically, very much like the rest of us, in this heart-warming British TV series.

The ultimate story of families, love, and growth within a small British community. She has already signed up for a new ITV drama called The Factory, which starts shooting in a few weeks' time.

Blonde Sarah, 33, is fed up with being apart from her family while filming in West Yorkshire. With Pam Ferris, Sarah Lancashire, Tony Haygarth, Thomas Craig. Sarah tearfully bowed out from Where The Heart Is after filming for the current run finished several weeks ago. Created by Ashley Pharoah, Vicky Featherstone. Peggy is a district nurse in West Yorkshire.

With Lesley Dunlop, Christian Cooke, Philip Middlemiss, William Travis.

When she decides to help a patient in …