Publication: Journal of Spacecraft and Rockets. NASA Skylab I Airlock Module Thermal Capacitor Stafford, John L.; Grote, Michael G. Abstract. Skylab consisted of four major components: the Orbital Workshop (OWS), the Airlock Module (AM), the Multiple Docking Adapter (MDA) and the Apollo Telescope Mount (ATM). Either these small modules would have to be replaced (or lined with a flexible airtight inner layer) or shuttle pressure could be temporarily reduced, as it is today prior to EVA. McDonnell Douglas fabricated the module with close Marshall involvement in design, development, and test activities. The backup airlock module was exhibited in the Museum's Space Hall from 1976-1996. CECO . The aft end of the Docking Adapter mated to the Airlock Module (AM), and served as the environmental, electrical, and communications control center. Center Engine Cutoff . Launch from Cape Canaveral (); landing 370 km southwest of San Diego in the Pacific Ocean.The Skylab (SL) was a manned, orbiting spacecraft composed of five parts, the Apollo telescope mount (), the multiple docking adapter (MDA), the airlock module (AM), the instrument unit (IU), and the orbital workshop (OWS).The Skylab was in the form of a cylinder, with the ATM being positioned 90 deg … Two complete Skylab space stations were manufactured and equipped for flight. Skylab included the Apollo Telescope Mount, which was a multi-spectral solar observatory, Multiple Docking Adapter (with two docking ports), Airlock Module with EVA hatches, and the Orbital Workshop, the main habitable volume. Aug 20, 2015 - Another Flight International cutaway, this time by John Marsden. Airlock Module Interior from Skylab Presentation Reference (May 1973) Multiple Docking Adapter from Skylab Presentation Reference (May 1973) Multiple Docking Adapter from Skylab Presentation Reference (May 1973) Kipp Teague, Author Steve Garber, NASA History Web Curator Airlock Module . Receiving inspection is the first of a series of checks and tests performed in the Manned Spacecraft Operations Building prior to transfer of the AM/MDA to the Vehicle Assembly Building for mating with the Skylab Orbital Space Station. Skylab's workshop could later be raised to 15 psi with no safety problems, but the airlock module and its extravehicular activity hatch could tolerate only 8 or 9 psi. Skylab included the Apollo Telescope Mount (a multi-spectral solar observatory), a multiple docking adapter with two docking ports, an airlock module with extravehicular activity (EVA) hatches, and the orbital workshop, the main habitable space inside Skylab. Skylab's Airlock Module/Multiple Docking Adapter (AM/MDA) undergoes receiving inspection on its transporter following its arrival at the Cape. Apollo Applications Program . The Airlock Module, as a connecting link between OWS and Multiple Docking; Adapter, serves a threefold purpose: as a major structural element of the Skylab cluster; as a module containing the port through which an astronaut can leave the interior of Skylab in order to perform extravehicular activities (EVA); and as the electrical, environmental, and communications control center for Skylab. Command and Service Module Not Available . workshop and airlock module (c) IBM: Apollo Telescope Mount (ATM) digital computers (primary and secondary) and work- shop computer interface unit (d) Bendix Corp. : control moment gyroscopes and electronics and experiment pointing electronic assembly (e) North American Rockwell Corp. : modifications to the CSM 2.