28. This thread is locked. But, if you want others to see your reply in a thread, send it to the entire channel just like a regular message in Slack. You can then just add a new "Website" tab to whatever Channel/Team you want that links directly to the same page. There’s no way to “move” @mentions within channels into pre-existing threads You can’t use images to reply to threads. Is there a way to add a person to a group chat including the chat's history? You can only do this if you’re a …

How to Join a Channel on Slack. How to Merge Channels on Slack. Did you enter the right URL? We recommend that you use Slack analytics to see how much activity happens in each channel to help you decide which channels to move.
From any message, you can start a thread to ask a question, add context, or give feedback without disrupting a conversation's flow. Threads keep discussions in channels and direct messages (DMs) organized.

You can’t move or tag a conversation to a different channel in exactly the way you have described.

Get instant updates from any RSS-friendly source in the Slack channel or thread of your choice. Created on April 23, 2018. How to Merge Channels on Slack. Sometimes we set up Slack channels for one or the other purpose, but forget to check them. In addition to RSS feeds, Slack can import all sorts of useful info into any channel or thread. I have the same question (90) Subscribe to RSS feed. One possible way you could do this depends on if your Tabs and Conversations are intended to be static or not. Posts: Microsoft Teams API as of now does not … Since there's technically no "Merge" option, you must export and then import channel and user data manually. Everything will also be searchable.
I'm chatting with a few coworkers on slack and would like to add another coworker to the chat. Export Channels. Private channels: Slack private channels allow a group of teammates to discuss and share privately. You can join a channel on Slack by going into your channel settings and selecting any default channels available to you. Move a thread between channels Once you’ve started a thread inside a channel, you can move it to a different channel any time you like. The “Also send to #channel” button – Slack offers you the ability to send any message in a thread back to the general channel. replied to JasonPalmeira. Use this Slack integration to funnel everything you need into #general or anywhere else: it will trigger whenever a new message is posted on a specific channel and automatically copy it or post something else to another channel every time. Developers … – If possible, allow users to group multiple consecutive messages into a thread.

Slack limits one reply thread per message, but you can have multiple replies in a channel. Since there's technically no "Merge" option, you must export and then import channel and user data manually. Replied on April 23, 2018.